Esse The Ironheart

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The Ironheart was launched in 2004 to celebrate 150 years of ESSE cookers and stoves, by embodying the quintessential features of both product types.

The Ironheart burns either wood or mineral-based solid fuel and gives up to 9.7kW depending on fuel type and settings (2.6kW to water and 8kW to space heat output – domestic hot water model).


Model 990WN
Oven Capacity – Bottom 32ltr
Hotplate Over 6 pans
Flue pipe diameter 6″ (150mm)
Overnight burning (suitable for continuous burning on anthracite) Yes
Afterburn2 technology No
Mean boiler output maximum to water 16.9kW (57799 Btu/h)
Mean boiler output maximum in “summer mode” 3kW (10260Btu/h)
Radient output to room (operating range) 3-5KW/h
Max efficiency % EN 12850 (wood) 80.5
Additional room vent required (Using 22 kilowatts maximum output) 93.5 cm2 or a circular vent diameter 110mm.
Oven Dimensions – Bottom oven width 350mm, height 200mm, depth 460mm.

Clearances – Non-combustible material from sides 7mm (except when adjacent to Plus2); Combustible material from side 20mm; Combustible material from back 40mm.

Weight – 404kg