Each stove in the Nestor Martin oil range is available for either diesel or kerosene, and can optimize the combustion of either type of oil.

Electric ignition

With an electric starter, lighting an oil stove has never been so easy. Should the electrical supply to your house ever fail, starting the stove manually remains a simple operation.

Accessible controls

High-mounted manual controls allow you to adjust the flame height and heat output without bending over or reaching behind the stove. The Nestor Martin stoves also offer easy access to the de-coking device and burner.

Easy installation

Nestor Martin oil stoves can be connected conveniently to a new or existing oil tank. The burner is gravity fed, so no pumps are required.

Low maintenance

After a proper installation, Nestor Martin oil stoves require very little maintenance. Servicing the stove rarely involves more than cleaning the unit and an inspection to ensure that all parts are working properly.

Environmentally friendly

Held to the strictest environmental standards, our oil stoves are designed to be non-pollutant, quiet and odorfree.