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Esse 350 MF / GS / SE

The award-winning 350 MF offers a large output of up to 7.5kW on mineral fuel. It fits straight into a standard fireplace, however the brick fire back needs to be removed to accommodate the larger firebox. Featuring a heat exchange convection chamber which gives off convected warmth to the room.

The 350 GS GreenSwitch™ is a room-heating stove with thermostatic boiler. The stove gives a modest 3.6kW to the room and a generous 11.1kW (37,873 Btu) to water. It fits into a standard fireplace, however, a depth of 364mm must be created to allow for its larger capacity firebox.

The 350 GS is equipped with a control to adjust the airflow to maintain the most efficient combustion whatever the choice of fuel, and a riddling grate for use with mineral fuel. The front section is removable to assist plumbing. An external air duct kit is also available.