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Environmentally conscious

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, emission level is a key issue.

The clean-styled Di Lusso R4 incorporates our signature CleanBurn technology, designed to satisfy the most rigorous European criteria. With a nominal output of 4.9kW (up to 6.5kW) and efficiency of 79%, it’s one of the market’s best performing stoves. Because smoke levels are so minimal (0.2X), it’s even approved under the Clean Air Act (DEFRA) – giving you utmost environmental peace of mind.

Exactingly engineered

For our engineers, the R4’s cutting-edge technology is as thrilling as its appearance. The control door hides an innovative, patented control system: a light touch is all that’s needed to open the little door and adjust airflow levels. TripleBurn Plus® enhances ignition to maximise fuel efficiency, while a hot airwash keeps the glass clear from deposits. You have a choice of wood or solid fuel, allowing you to optimise your heating system.









Home style

Just as the espresso machine is the beating heart of the Italian kitchen, the Di Lusso R5 is the heart of your living room. It’s an investment that gives generous returns in comfort. An Italian would never choose an appliance that lacked in style – but the R5 ticks every box. This midsized model is perfect for family homes and sociable gatherings.

Give it a spin

With our signature smooth lines, the R5 is undeniably gorgeous. Touch the control door and see what it can do. With adjustable output, this stove can be set to roar or smoulder. It features our latest TripleBurn Plus system, with an extra air stream to ensure better performance than ever. This is no fuel-guzzling supercar. It’s an environmentally-friendlier stove that gives great fuel economy. The future of heat engineering.











Smooth operator

With a big capacity and powerful output of up to 12kW (at an average of 4.9kW), the R6 is a hard worker. It’s designed to be mounted at least 56cm up from hearth level, and can be used with wood or other solid fuels (with kit). Boasting the signature Di Lusso good looks and a choice of finishes, the R6 is the perfect combination of form and function.

A little something extra

The R6 is the Ferrari of the stove world. Beneath the bonnet are inventive features that give you much more than you’d expect. For example, the hidden control panel operates with just a light touch; while inside the stove, TripleBurn Plus® improves ignition – helping to achieve an impressive 76% efficiency. To avoid a draughty air vent, add our own Direct Air kit that uses an aluminium duct to supply air. To heat the house even more efficiently, you can also add a convection kit that draws hot air from the outer casing.

The world’s finest

The R6 has been designed to meet the Norwegian Standard. It’s the most stringent emissions standard in the world, challenging manufacturers to develop products that will significantly reduce environmental impact. Only a handful of stoves in Britain meet NS criteria. Using the Cleanburn system, the R6 has carbon emissions of 0.2%: a remarkable achievement for a stove capable of heating your home.

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