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Simply Cleaner
Clean style, cleanburn

Environmentally Better

Fresh air is a very precious commodity. Approved under the Clean Air Act, Cleanburn stoves feature technology to keep carbon emissions at a record-breaking low. And it’s not just the environment you’re saving.

Economically Better

You could also save a bundle on fuel. Efficiency levels on these stoves range from 73.4% to 78.9% - which adds up to smaller fuel bills. A bundle of logs or smokeless fuel will provide more warmth, for longer, than it would in an alternative stove.

Everyway Better

Whether you choose Cleanburn for the money-saving potential or the cleaner chimney, it’s not just your family who benefits. Your home is reducing emissions and contributing to a cleaner future. And doesn’t that give you a warm glow?


Sønderskoven Inset

High impact, low profile


Simply Cleaner
sod inset 1

So you want to reduce emissions and stay cosy without resorting to goats’ hair slippers? Here’s our answer for style-conscious carbonsavers.

The Sønderskoven blends a clean Scandinavian look with fantastically low emissions.

This gorgeous new inset stove is designed for fireplaces where a low profile is required. Just take a look at these figures – all approved and certified. It features Cleanburn technology for a record-beating
performance. The result is a stylish inset stove that’s easy on the budget and the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint has never been more chic.



Heat Output Range • 6kW - 9kW.




Skagen diag 






Fully-featured family stove


skagen 1

We’re delighted to unveil the Skagen Traditional – with an innovative airflow panel that puts instant control at your fingertips.

The airflow control panel has ease of access and use, adjusting the airflow enables you to set this stove to burn softly (while you take a walk) or furiously (when you come in from the cold) – and for a stove this size, the Skagen’s output is exceptional.
It can maintain an output of between 6 and 9kW, utilising TripleBurn Plus® to maximise fuel efficiency. Choose between wood or another approved solid fuel, allowing you to optimise your heating system.

Heat Output Range • 6kW - 9kW.



Skagen diag 





Clean Scandinavian style


lovenholm group

Slender, sleek, and simply Scandinavian: the Løvenholm makes a chic centrepiece for any room.

Clean lines and clean thinking characterise the Løvenholm. Its minimalist looks are matched with an eco-friendly performance.

Certified by an indipendent Danish laboratory, the stove’s low emission rate (0.19%) is due to our Tripleburn technology.

This figure exempts the stove from those banned under the Clean Air Act (UK 1993), making it permissable for use in Smoke Control areas.

If you’re looking for low environmental impact, but high design impact, the Løvenholm is a natural choice.

It’s also a pleasure to use. You can change from wood to smokeless fuel in seconds, and riddle the grate using the cool-touch handle (multifuel option only). At night you can even close the vents and leave it to smoulder until the morning.


CE tested and approved. Heat Output Range • 3kW - 5kW
Nominal Output • 4.6kW (No Air Brick required)* Efficiency 75%







Nørreskoven Mk2

Built to perform


Norreskoven group

A future classic

Are you planning a more classic interior? The Nørreskoven Traditional unites centuries of stove design with future-proof technology.

Though it looks like an old fashioned home-warmer, the Nørreskoven
is a beast under the bonnet. This convection stove can be piled high with seasoned logs and, thanks to Tripleburn technology, you’ll get the best from them every time: its heat output range is sufficient for family rooms.

The Air wash system keeps excess carbon deposits away from the
glass door – so you’ll not need to clean daily on hands and knees!
How refreshingly modern...

With a heat output range of 4-6kW, the Nørreskoven is an exceptional stove. Choose from three stylish models: the Nørreskoven Pedestal, raised on a column; the Nørreskoven Traditional,inspired by old-fashioned stove styling, or the Nørreskoven Europe (above), with a built-in log store for style and convenience. Get a better look at your local showroom.


CE tested and approved. Heat Output Range • 4kW - 6kW
Nominal Output • 4.4kW (No Air Brick required) 80% Efficiency



Norres diag 




Form and function


Sonderskoven group

You need a big fire, not a big carbon footprint. So choose the Sønderskoven. With a heat output of 7 - 10kW, it’s perfect for heating big family rooms – better for your budget and your conscience.

Whether you choose seasoned wood or smokeless fuel, you’ll know you’re getting exceptional efficiency. Independent Danish testing has certified its fuel efficiency of 78.9% - which means more warmth, and less waste.

It’s tough to beat on efficiency: so the only dilemma is, which model should you choose? The elegant Sønderskoven Pedestal (above), raised on a sleek iron column; the Sønderskoven European, with a contemporary log store underneath the grate;or the Sønderskoven Traditional, styled like an old-fashioned wood burner? Click here to find your nearest showroom.


CE tested and approved with a heat output of 7 - 10kW, Efficiency 77%



sond diag 

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