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Quality cast iron range cookers.

Built with pride in Britain, and supported by a heritage that goes more than a century and a half

ESSE is the UK's longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its innovative cast iron range cookers, energy-efficient wood-burning stoves and stylish gas stoves.

The knowledge and skills developed over more than a century and a half, go into everything we do and ESSE range cookers and stoves are hand built to last a lifetime - just ask one ESSE owner, whose cast iron ESSE range cooker has been in continuous daily use since 1920!

From River cottage to the Himalayas, Australia to the Arctic, and everywhere in between. ESSE range cookers and stoves have been relied upon in the world's most demanding environments.



plus 2


companion-maxDouble the cooking capacity of any ESSE enamelled range cooker, the Plus2 gives you two independently controlled electric ovens and a grill. The ovens are the same size and layout as on the ESSE cooker. In addition you can choose either a our zone ceramic (all electric) hob or a two burner gas hob.

The Plus2 is available as a 13amp model with electric ovens, grill and gas hob or as a 45amp electric only companion with four ring ceramic hob. Plus2 gives you the freedom to complement your ESSE Range Cooker with additional fuelling options and cooking capacity.

Ovens are conventionally heated electric ovens, to complement your oil, gas or wood-fired cooking all year round.

The gas hob model has the additional benefits of gas/electric dual fuel and a regular 13amp electricity supply. The hob features a triple corona 3.8kW burner for a large pan or wok and rapid 3kW burner.

An extended towel rail, kicker strip and connector bar allows cooker and Plus2 to sit together.

You do not need to partner up your Plus2 with an ESSE range cooker. Plus2 is equally at home as a stand alone appliance or planned into another part of the kitchen.





Oven Capacity - Top (B-Rated)



Oven Capacity - Bottom



Heat Source - ovens & hotplate


Electric and Gas


Black ceramic glass up to 4 pans

Gas hob 2 pans

* Gas hob model comes with natural gas/LPG kit as standard

Oven Dimensions - Top oven width 350mm, height 300mm, depth 450mm, Bottom ovens width 350mm, height 200mm, depth 450mm.

Colour Options









FernGreen The EL 13Amp has been designed to offer the ‘best of both’ in every possible sens.

It has ESSE’s classic cast iron construction, heavy duty ovens, beautiful enamelling and the reassuring ‘solidity’ of our classic range cookers… all with modern, electric controllability and responsiveness.

The EL 13Amp is one of our most innovative, eco-friendly cookers and benefits from ‘power share’ technology.

Usually, the ovens and hotplate of an electric cooker are each allotted a set amount of energy. The EL 13Amp is unique in that it ‘shares’ the total amount of energy available to the whole cooker. If you only turn on one oven it will heat extremely quickly. If you use both ovens and the hotplate, the energy will be pulsed around the cooker to where it is needed. This ‘power share’ technology means temperatures are easily maintained and cooking performance is continuously powerful.

This system is unique to ESSE and our engineers are understandably very proud of it! Like traditional range cookers, the EL 13Amp offers a small amount of constant background heat and is ready to leap into life – as soon as you’re ready to cook.

If required, it can be used as a simple on/off appliance, but it will take significantly longer to reach cooking temperatures from completely cold.The EL 13Amp’s hotplate offers the best of both hob types: a combination of heavy duty cast iron and innovative induction. This dual hotplate gives you the freedom and flexibility to suit your mood and the two hobs can be controlled separately.This easy-to-use cooker has two capacious, solid ovens and a full-width grill. Like the hobs, the ovens can operate entirely independently of each other.

Both ovens offer even cooking temperatures thanks to ESSE’s ‘wrap around’ elements which heat from all sides (patent pending). Believe it or not, you can even cook in trays placed directly on the base of the oven.




ec4i range cooker


gas-maxEach electric oven in the EC4i can be used independently so energy is not wasted heating ovens that are not in use. The fan oven has achieved the coveted 'A' rating for energy efficiency, and together with the other 'B' rated ovens and induction hob, the EC4i is clearly the most efficient cast iron range cooker available. This well-equipped range cooker combines classic country style with technically-advanced, fuel-efficient features.

Induction cooking
The EC4i features a five zone induction hob for more efficient cooking:

    1 x 2400W induction zone with 3700W Boost
    2 x 1850W induction zones with 2500W Boost
    1 x 2300W induction zone with 3200W Boost
    1 x 1400W induction zone with 1800W Boost

Because induction systems only heat the pan and not the cooking surface, it is much safer and makes the hob easier to clean. There are no flames or hot electric elements, so no more burnt-on food.

Induction hobs are extremely responsive and offer precise control - pans will heat quickly for fast boiling but induction zones also allow low simmering temperatures to be easily maintained. With no wasted heat, induction is the most energy-efficient way of cooking; making it better for the environment and better for your pocket.

EC4i - the ideal range cooker for the modern home.
Like all ESSE cookers, the EC4i is available in 20 different colours and is built with pride in Britain.

It offers simple connection to a standard electric cooker point, and because there is no flue to consider - it can be located anywhere within your kitchen.

The cooking capacity of the EC4i is extremely impressive, with four ovens providing a generous 124 litres of combined oven space.

Heating quickly from cold, the individual electric ovens can be turned on and off independently and the stylish induction hob offers the ultimate in energy-efficiency. The EC4i combines timeless ESSE style with a range of energy-efficient, modern benefits.




Oven Capacity - Top fan ovens (A-Rated)


Oven Capacity - Bottom ovens (B-Rated)



5 zone induction

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